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IBM Automation Decision Services is now available standalone

By Jerome Joubert posted Tue March 28, 2023 01:23 PM


IBM’s decision automation portfolio is expanding and addressing the needs of our users where they are, and on their preferred platforms. Previously available only with the Cloud Pak for Business Automation, IBM Automation Decision Services (ADS) is now available as a standalone offering, providing business experts an even easier way to automate intelligent business decisions in low code. It also gives the opportunity to start small, and expand as necessary.

In the standalone version, ADS is available through OCI-compliant Universal Base Images (UBI), and can be run on Red Hat OpenShift and Certified Kubernetes platforms, on premises or on the cloud.

Automation Decision Services

ADS is installed and controlled through an Operator, which eases the overall management in production:

    • Repeatability of installation and upgrade.

    • Constant health checks of every system component.

    • Live management of the environment.

ADS is also available as part of Cloud Pak for Business Automation, integrated with other automation capabilities, such as Workflow, Process Mining, Robotic Process Automation, Document Processing, and more.

Learn more about ADS:

Watch low-code decisions in practice

April 18, 2023 webinar: Low-code decisions for business users using IBM Automation Decision Services

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Dive deeper into intelligent decisioning

May 9, 2023: Use machine learning predictions with decisions to improve your business outcomes

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Try Automation Decision Services for 30 days:

Automation Decision Services is available as part of the Cloud Pak for Business Automation trial, which includes Walkme tours to demonstrate how you can get the most out of ADS. Once you register for the Cloud Pak trial, it’s a few easy steps to tour ADS.

->Register for the Cloud Pak Trial

Or learn more about Automation Decision Services using the ADS Website, the ADS Solution Brief, the online documentation, or search the Business Automation community for ADS .

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Tue February 20, 2024 03:51 PM

It is an elegant implementation! I am looking forward to using the stand-alone version.

Tue April 04, 2023 08:13 AM

@Eduardo Izquierdo Lázaro 
The documentation is available here: 
I'm investigating why it doesn't show on the search.

Tue April 04, 2023 07:49 AM

Hi Jerome, very good news, this will easy access of clients to low-code decision automation !! 

I'm looking after this, but searching the documentation I can only find as part of the CP4A.  Is it documented somewhere how to install the product in standalone on a certified K8S?