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IBM BPM 8.6 CF2018.03 is now available

By Dennis Parrott posted Wed March 28, 2018 12:00 AM


IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) updates are now released as quarterly cumulative fixes to enable you to get the latest fixes and product enhancements with a simple in-place upgrade. IBM BPM 8.6 Cumulative Fix 2018.03 is now available for you to download and upgrade today. Key highlights are outlined below. See Knowledge Center for full details.

IBM BPM Platform Configuration

  • Specify an alternative port number for an SMTP server
  • Control how EPV variables are cached
  • Control caching of environment variable values
  • Swing profiles between product installations

Modeling Enhancements in the web Process Designer

  • Model decision tables
  • Create new Advanced Integration services in the web Process Designer
  • Automatically create processes instead of BPDs
  • Specify a team for process application administrators in Process Designer

Developer Usability in the web Process Designer

  • Display process variables and tag groups in a visualization window
  • Find a toolkit snapshot easily
  • Create and use tag groups in the web Process Designer
  • Benefit from enhanced validation support and an integrated validation framework

Business UI

  • Use stable URLs for client-side human services exposed as URL
  • Monitor and maintain the performance of the Process Portal index
  • Get next task – See only the next task in IBM Process Portal

Process Analytics

  • Experience additional monitoring events for service integrations

ECM Integration

  • Launch a process instance from an existing document on an external ECM server


  • Access the documentation online or configure it to open locally

IBM Process Federation Server

  • Access Process Federation Server REST APIs by using Swagger
  • Experience finer monitoring capabilities on running Process Federation Server instances

New supported environments include…

  • RHEL 7.4 operating system on POWER hardware
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 12.3 operating system on x86-64 hardware
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 12.3 KVM (12 and above)
  • Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition 2017 database
  • Safari 11 browser for Mac OS
  • Firefox 57 (52 and above) and Firefox 52.5.0 ESR browsers
  • Freedom Scientific JAWS screen reader 2018 (17 and above)

See the IBM BPM support site for a full details of supported configurations…

IBM BPM Server
IBM BPM Express