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Best of BPM: developerWorks content published in the past quarter

By Amy Reinholds posted Fri April 07, 2017 12:00 AM


This regular post showcases some of the best content about IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) published each quarter on the developerWorks Middleware hub.

Here’s a round-up of some of the best new developerWorks content about IBM Business Process Manager from 1st quarter 2017:

  • Make your processes smarter with cognitive business operations, by Alex Feinberg and John Santoro
    Make sense of a vast, untapped source of data in the form of social media postings and customer service phone calls. This article demonstrates how to use IBM Watson cognitive services on IBM Bluemix to augment a business process that is implemented with IBM BPM.
  • IBM Business Process Manager database troubleshooting, Part 3: Improve IBM BPM performance with an Oracle database, by Stephan Volz
    The new addition to this database troubleshooting series, this time focusing on an Oracle database, shows what you can learn from the content of the BPMDB database in IBM BPM to troubleshoot performance problems and database-related issues. See examples with Oracle that demonstrate and explain problem scenarios that you might face in your environment.
  • Customize the style of IBM BPM coaches, by James Carr and Dean Cleaver
    This article describes a pattern for customizing coaches in IBM BPM Version 8 and later using Bootstrap and CSS files. Learn good practices for modifying the Process Portal user interface for your process participants in a way that prioritizes maintainability and ease of deployment in an enterprise environment, while still providing responsive behavior and creative flexibility to create modern styles and easily branded designs. This pattern works well if have a need for compatibility with earlier versions of IBM BPM before IBM BPM V8.5.7, you are using Bootstrap, and you need to customize coach views across an entire enterprise.

Also in first quarter, we helped launch the IBM Cloud Product Insights Technical Community, a new developerWorks Developer Center about the Product Insights service on Bluemix and the products that integrate with it. Visit the Developer Center to get the most recent information about setting up IBM BPM and other IBM products to connect with Product Insights, where you can to register your on-premises and cloud-based software and then track, monitor, and get advice for optimization.

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