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Process Mining: The Hyperautomation GPS

By Harley Davis posted Wed May 05, 2021 11:14 AM


The range of techniques we can use to automate workflow and thus free up human time is immense, ranging from AI-based recommendations to RPA bots to capturing information automatically from documents for feeding into downstream systems. Indeed, the range is so immense that we can spend a lot of time up-front deciding what to automate, what techniques to use, and to evaluate whether the automation is providing the intended benefits.     

Right now companies rely on interviews and other ad hoc techniques to decide how to automate and whether automation is working. This is like asking people on the streets how to get to your destination! 

But wouldn’t it be better to use your organization’s actual data about how work is being done to create a roadmap to automation?    

 If we could see where there are bottlenecks today, where time is being spent, which activities are executed most frequently, where people are making costly mistakes that lead to rework, where we are waiting for answers – then we would have a kind of GPS leading us on the journey to Hyperautomation! And if we could go one step further and evaluate the impact of our automation with simulation and with feedback, compare it with KPI’s, and link it automatically to new automation – we could do even better and have a self-driving automation car.   

This is the promise of #processmining, a new analytics technology that takes your process execution data from business systems and users’ desktops and helps you understand how the business is working today, creating a digital twin of your organization’s business processes, and then helps you decide how to apply automation most successfully using simulation and feedback.      

Come hear from me, and most especially from @Massimiliano Delsante, CEO of @myInvenio, to learn how process mining works, how it impacts your business, and how our clients are leveraging it today – and where we want to take in the future, now that myInvenio and @IBM are joining forces and revving up our #Hyperautomation navigation engine! 

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