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Getting started with Machine Learning in Decision Automation Services

By GREGER OTTOSSON posted Tue November 10, 2020 04:02 AM

Machine Learning (ML) is becoming an essential part of automated decisioning. Whether it's for up-sell/cross-sell, fraud assessment or risk scoring - ML is the technology providing precise predictions for smarter decisions.

In Cloud Pak for Automation, we've introduced "low-code" ML integration, and here are three pointers to get started:

What it looks like in the product:
Watch this 5-minute demo video

Our low-code approach to ML consumption:
Read this 10-minute article

Business methodology for leveraging Machine Learning
Read this white paper by James Taylor, CEO Decision Management Solutions.

Across organizations, data science teams are leveraging data from core business processes to understand their customers better. This is our approach to consuming the resulting ML models, and leveraging them operationally.

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