Decision Management (ODM, ADS)

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The #1 way to improve your decision making!

By GREGER OTTOSSON posted Mon October 05, 2020 09:03 AM

Yes, you guessed it. It's Machine Learning (ML). But knowing that is not enough, because the majority of ML projects never reach production.

Fear not - help is on the way!

On October 7th, you can join James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions, and myself, Greger Ottosson, as we sort out the issues and provide both methods and tools to do better.
In particular, we'll cover:
  • Why ML projects have an 85% failure rate
  • Why starting with the data is the wrong approach
  • How you can use Cloud Pak for Automation to operationalize ML models
Don't miss out on the wisdom of James and a demo of the newest entry to Cloud Pak for Automation: Automation Decision Services.