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Watson Orchestrate: Sharing a Job Posting with digey

By Gabriel Marte Blanco posted Wed June 29, 2022 12:00 AM

So hopefully by now you were able to utilize IBM Watson Orchestrate to craft the perfect job description for a few of your open positions (although this is not a prerequisite for this use case). Now you may be wondering, what else can HR digey do for me? Well, your HR digey is eager and ready to take you to the next step, starting with sharing the job postings. 

Currently, your process probably looks like one of the options below:

  1. You've created a job requisition in your ATS, you've captured all the required approvals, and you must now navigate to the job req in your ATS and hit post.
     2.  You've created a final job requisition and have it available on your device, you've captured all the required approvals, and now you're looking to be able to                 post the job opening to your company page in LinkedIn and have to fill in all of the required details. (non-ATS version)

Sounds like a lot of work, right? That's because it is a lot, and this only scratches the surface of what the process might look like. Thankfully, HR digey can easily assist with both these options, all with the Watson Orchestrate experience, so you don't need to constantly navigate into your ATS, LinkedIn account, or file system. Once you tell digey which job you would like to post, digey can quickly help you post directly from your ATS or via the LinkedIn posting functionality through a simple command.

Advertising a job opening doesn't end there though, digey can assist you with quickly posting the link to the job opening on your personal social channels to help you reach new markets. 

In addition, digey is pre-trained to also be able to share the link and a sample message with the hiring team so they can quickly post to their social channels as well. This can be really important because hiring managers often have better networks in their respective spaces and can quickly help recruiters source stronger candidates. We often hear from our audiences that team members outside of HR may be less familiar with the best benefits to advertise to new potential candidates (like the stellar new best workplace rating you may have just received), which is why being able to easily suggest a message to this audience can both improve ease of posting and increase the likelihood of applicants.

HR digey is well-equipped to help you craft the perfect job description and manage to post and share the job all in one place. We know this is just a fraction of your jobs though, so stay tuned for our next post on how HR digey can help you source and nurture strong candidates.

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