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Crafting a Job Description with watsonx Orchestrate

By Gabriel Marte Blanco posted Mon June 20, 2022 12:00 AM


We're all familiar with HR, and lately, it's been making headlines due to the rampant rates of labor shortages, job openings, and attrition. HR has long demonstrated opportunities for leveraging automation but due to frequent ad hoc requests, relationship-centric approaches, and just not enough time, modern solutions have failed to resolve, or properly prepare organizations for the rapid transformation we've witnessed in the last few years. 

Today's recruiters in HR are faced with multiple hurdles throughout the recruitment process beginning with the very first steps of creating a job requisition. This experience is often fraught with back and forth caused by ill-prepared or inexperienced hiring managers, lack of standardized records or templates for reference, and tedious approval cycles, forcing recruiters to step away from their priorities like vetting applicants and relationship-building. 

Ultimately, both recruiters and hiring managers are left stressed and frustrated over the unproductive activity. This is where IBM watsonx Orchestrate enters the picture. Orchestrate comes pre-enabled with the ability to help automate the job description process throughout the HR department, providing recruiters and coworkers with valuable time back.  

Let's explore these Orchestrate skills together! 

 1. Recruiters start the process by typing into the chat bar - "Create a job requisition for.." triggering our first capability 


2.  The digital employee is able to work with the recruiter to locate a template file from their file management system, create a copy in a shareable file storage system, and make it editable for the hiring manager. Orchestrate will share the link to the posting in the chat bar at the top. 


3.  But it doesn't end there, the recruiter can choose to quickly email the link to the hiring manager and request their feedback or set up a task in the task management software of choice for the hiring manager. 


  4.  Want to stay up to date on any changes made? Recruiters can create an automation to notify them of the completed task in Slack or Teams so they don't have to spend time constantly checking for updates.  


And the best part is, it can all be done in one place, no more switching between different systems. A process that used to involve countless back-and-forth communications between a recruiter and the hiring manager or other key stakeholders as well as switching from file systems to chat to email and more can now be completed in minutes thanks to Orchestrate.  

To get a closer look at what this process looks like, we sat down with John Green, Sr. Development Manager at IBM, and asked him to talk about his experiences coordinating writing job requisitions with a talent partner, the issues that make crafting job requirements time consuming, and how IBM watsonx Orchestrate can help make the process easier and faster.  

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John Green 

"Creating job descriptions can be tough, especially since I have not done any hiring in a while. One of the issues that I run into is that there is no easy way to get a template for the few positions I would like to hire for. I usually have to talk to the talent partner and wait for them to send me folders with different templates and use them as guidance for what I want to look for. This process is time-consuming and a common problem in the hiring process across industries."  
"This is where watsonx Orchestrate can help by easily invoking HR skills in a no-code environment. For example, this environment enables hiring managers or talent partners to create job requisitions fairly easily by just chatting with Orchestrate. My talent partner doesn't have to spend hours going back and forth with me over email to get the information I need to assist with a job requisition. Instead, Orchestrate does it for them. It ensures I easily receive an editable template file from them and can quickly send back my thoughts for the final draft, making the whole process more enjoyable."  

Just think of what you could accomplish with all the time saved! 
The capabilities don't end here; Orchestrate is designed to help recruiters with more than just creating a job description, keep an eye out for additional pieces on our next use cases for sharing job postings and sourcing and nurturing candidates. If you liked how Orchestrate can help you craft the perfect job description, read the next blog where Orchestrate takes you from creating a job description to sharing a job posting in a simple sequence.  

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