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New Offering Announcement: IBM Business Automation Starter Kit!

By Francesca Pagano posted Tue August 16, 2022 10:06 AM

The team is proud to present the new IBM Business Automation Starter Kit offering available today! The offering helps organizations accelerate their automation journey with IBM Process Mining and IBM Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities.

IBM Process Mining is a process mining solution that automatically discovers, constantly monitors, and continuously optimizes business processes. Process mining uses business system data to create and visualize an end-to-end process that includes all process activities involved along with various process paths. Businesses easily analyze the discovered process to gain actionable insights for improvement.

Explore more of What's New in IBM Process Mining 1.13.0 in our July 2022 update or by visiting the IBM Process Mining website to start a free trial.

IBM Robotic Process Automation is a technology that encompasses the use of smart robots in any process requiring efficiency, consistency and speed, with no risk of mistakes. RPA is used to augment human work.

Today, it is possible to automate processes through the use of digital robots, or bots, which execute pre-programmed, repetitive tasks in a safe and mistake free manner. There are thousands of opportunities for Robotic Process Automation to make an impact on your organization today, including: automatic invoice emission, system integration, information reconciliation, report generation, intelligent email management to lead generation, and many others.

Learn more about the latest RPA 21.0.3 release in our June 2022 blog or access the IBM Robotic Process Automation website to test drive in a free trial.