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What's New in FileNet Content Manager 5.5.12 and Content Navigator 3.0.15

By Euniq Nebo posted Mon February 05, 2024 03:23 PM


Recently announced with an Extended Support Timeline, the latest releases of FileNet Content Manager 5.5.12 and Content Navigator 3.0.15 provide enhancements that further extend deployment flexibility along with an improved user experience to clients who rely upon IBM to provide robust enterprise content management capabilities.

Some updates to highlight in the latest release include:

  • New Bring Your Own Search option

  • New Docusign plug-in

  • New content validation framework for malware/virus scanning

  • New sample programs to automate deployment of metadata in Content Platform Engine

  • New public API properties enable customized implementation and programmatic control of the FileNet Connector for Salesforce

  • Improved GraphQL API performance for upload/download of large content

You can find a short list of additional updates at the end of this blog, and a complete list in the documentation. 

Bring Your Own Search

Bring your own search with OpenSearch or Elasticsearch

Provides an option for integration with Elastic Search or OpenSearch for content-based searching. Initially available in FileNet Content Manager for production environments and as a preview for non-production environments in Cloud Pak for Business Automation and Business Automation Workflow.

Benefits include:

  • Provides access to additional language analyzers and extension mechanisms for improved search results and improved handling of multilingual documents

  • Improved operational characteristics via replicas of indices

  • Allows flexibility to configure object stores for either IBM Content Search Services (CSS) or Elasticsearch/OpenSearch

New DocuSign Plug-in (coming soon)

  • Send documents to DocuSign for signatures directly from Navigator

  • View Signature history, use DocuSign templates

  • Automatic versioning when new signatures are added

New content validation framework for malware/virus scanners (tech preview)

Note: ClamAV is only presented as an option, not requirement. Clients should choose their prefered vendor.

New framework allows:

  • Integration with malware/virus scanners

  • Automated scanning of documents during upload

  • Automated rejection of flagged documents

  • Flexible configuration to enable all storage areas or specific storage areas

  • Example integration found here

Automate deployment of metadata and improve download and upload of large content with GraphQL

  • We now provide a new Sample Program to automate deployment of Content Platform Engine metadata such as Property Templates, Choice Lists, and Class definitions.

  • The GraphQL API now supports enhancements to improve uploading and downloading large content. More information and sample code snippets can be found in this blog post.

FileNet Connector for Salesforce

  • Customize implementation via new API properties

  • Expanded control and deployability via programmatic control

  • New programming guide to aid setup

  • See the latest blog for more details

Additional enhancements for Content Navigator include

  • Large file uploads to ICN are now streamed directly to repository, improving performance

  • Copy documents from Navigator to Sharepoint Online

  • Select any or all terms for cross repository content-based search when using FileNet repositories

  • Support for integers and date/time properties

  • When text searching, match ALL terms in search criteria

  • Select ANY or ALL terms for cross-repository search when using FileNet Repositories

Other enhancements include

  • New configuration manager GUI replaces Eclipse and includes UI for zLinux and AIX (previously command line only)

  • Updated IBM Semeru Support

For additional details on the latest updates, please see the documentation here