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Announcing IBM Business Automation Workflow 23.0.2

By Diana Toma posted Fri December 15, 2023 12:49 PM


We are pleased to announce that we are ready to kick off the new year with new milestones and enhancements achieved for IBM Business Automation Workflow with the Release 23.0.2. From the improvement of tasks, workflows, and cases in Workplace to the optimization of security and compliance requirements, many of the latest enhancements have been designed and implemented to address your business needs.

Here’s a breakdown of the key highlights of this new release: 

Improved efficiency with tasks, workflows, and cases in Workplace

Experience the enhanced Workplace capabilities such as turning on AI-powered task prioritization for efficient work completion, visually tracking the progress through process diagram, and easily accessing and managing cases in a federated environment. This release also provides a seamless integration with the IBM Business Automation Insights Extension for creating advanced business dashboards and reports.  

The Mexican Spanish locale option in Workplace and Process Portal with correct formatting for dates, times, and currency data to ensure error-free usage, is now available. 

Process Admin Console

Efficiently manage and monitor process applications in an improved Process Admin Console. Use the Swagger UI to view and manage the health of your system with the health management REST APIs.

Enhanced efficiency in process and application modeling

Streamline the efficiency of building processes and applications with the improved client-side human services in IBM® Process Designer. Easily search and manage variables using the new Variables filter. Format and stylize user task details with rich text activity descriptions. Define the input and output data mapping graphically without the need for JavaScript. 

Support for modern CI/CD pipelines for rapid deployment of applications

Use GitHub to configure a webhook for triggering an automated and secure continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline hosted in your preferred CI/CD tool. When a new snapshot of your workflow project is generated, you can initiate the GitHub webhook by pushing a file descriptor of the project to a configured GitHub repository, which then triggers the CI/CD pipeline. 

Optimized case solutions modeling

Leverage the enhancements we have introduced in this release to model case solutions more efficiently. Easily create a list of related cases with common criteria, choose and modify accessibility of case solutions from your Navigator desktop, and initiate more flexible case activities that follow business process logic rather than the default case snapshot logic. Interact with cases and case activities directly from processes or service flows to work with the values of case properties, such as multivalued properties or business objects. Explore all the enhancements introduced for case solutions modeling in the documentation. 

Increased flexibility around content object store

You can now configure IBM® Business Automation Workflow to utilize an external Enterprise Content Management server by specifying the external Content Platform Engine BPM content object store name, providing increased flexibility in content management and storage. 

Process Federation Server

Monitor and gain insights into the federated environment with the Process Federation Server Runtime data REST API, using a hierarchical JSON view that includes instance configuration, runtime data, and key performance indicators (KPI). 

Business Automation Workflow on-premises enhancements

The streamlined deployment process aligns case projects and legacy case solutions seamlessly, facilitating Business Automation Workflow rolling upgrades. This is accomplished by eliminating the necessity to upgrade your development environment before upgrading your staging and production environments. 

Business Automation Workflow on containers

This release introduces several enhancements for IBM Business Automation Workflow on containers such as simplified deployment topology and smaller footprint, improved capability for mirroring images for an air-gapped (offline) deployments and streamlined installation of scripts that can be run on Power® and IBM Z architectures. For more details, refer to the full documentation. 

Improved security and compliance standards

IBM Business Automation Workflow on containers is now FIPS 140-2 compliant specifically on OpenShift® Container Platform on AMD64 architecture. In this latest release, our solution has been upgraded to restrict internet access and all outbound traffic by default, ensuring a more secure and controlled operational environment. 

For a complete list of What's New in BAW 23.0.2 and IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation (CP4BA) version 23.0.2, visit our release documentation below:

IBM BAW: https://www.ibm.com/docs/en/baw/23.x?topic=new-whats-in-2302
IBM CP4BA BAW: https://www.ibm.com/docs/en/cloud-paks/cp-biz-automation/23.0.2?topic=notes-whats-new-in-2302