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Find Out What’s Up With IBM Process Mining

By DAVID Jenness posted Wed October 19, 2022 10:13 AM


In 2020, IBM added Process Mining to the IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation platform as a way to surface and measure Automation opportunities within the enterprise. Relying on the company’s own process data, which is fed into the software, Process Mining can reveal bottlenecks, processes that have a high degree of errors and rework, and even calculate estimates of cost savings when manual processes are automated.

There are use cases beyond the initial process discovery phase, where process mining becomes part of an Operational Intelligence feedback loop, helping system managers monitor and track the effectiveness of Automation even after its been deployed. 

At the Midwest User Group in August, Joel Garnatz, Americas Process Mining Program Lead at IBM and former executive with MyInvenio, gave the group a look at new developments in IBM Process Mining, including a tighter integration with IBM Blueworks Live to offer a crisper view of Automation opportunities. 

I’ll let Joel tell you in his own words, what’s up.