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What Are You Doing This Weekend? The IBM Build-a-Bot Challenge ends at Midnight ET on Monday January 31

By DAVID Jenness posted Thu January 27, 2022 09:49 AM


A quick check of the Weather Channel shows the Earth's Northern Hemisphere is having a typical winter weekend. Northeastern U.S. will experience a big snowstorm, the Northwest will be socked in with cold rain and fog, Central and Northern Europe will have mild temperatures, but rain and some wind, and Moscow is looking at cold and snow. 

If you're looking at weekend inside, it could be a great opportunity to settle down with IBM RPA and design a cool solution to submit to the Build-a-Bot Challenge. In our first Build-a-Bot Challenge this summer, many contestants said they learned the software and built their solution over a weekend. So why not you?

There’s $20,000 cash being given away and more ways to win. All you have to do is visit the IBM Build-a-Bot Challenge website here, sign up, and request the Free Trial of IBM RPA.  As of yesterday, we have 51 projects created and teams are finalizing their submissions now. 

Also on the site, you’ll find mentors who can help you get started, lots of links to tutorial videos, Best Practices learned from our first Build-a-Bot Contest, and resources to learn the tool. Also peruse the RPA Topic Group on the IBM Community, where you can post inquiries you might have once you get started and a team of IBM RPA experts will answer your question.

Oh, and the first 50 people to sign up for both the Contest AND join the RPA Topic Group as a member (click Join) are eligible to receive a Build-A-Bot T shirt, which I am cheerfully modeling for you below. “Think Outside the Bot” Indeed!