BPM, Workflow, and Case

Welcome ECM Community Members to DBA|BAW!

By DAVE PERMAN posted Thu April 18, 2019 02:47 PM

A warm welcome to the almost 800 members of the older ECM Community where readers were able to gain valuable insights into the Case Manager offering and accelerate their work with handy tips and tricks that describe add to easily create cool, useful capabilities to their case solutions.

The bringing together of our case and process products into a single integrated offering called Business Automation Workflow (BAW) will provide our clients with many new features and integrations. Add to this the additional capabilities provided by the overall Digital Business Automation (DBA) portfolio and you have a platform that delivers everything you have ever needed to address even the most complex automation challenges that include Workflow, Content, Capture, Rules, and Robotic Tasks.

If you are new to DBA and BAW, we are glad you have found us! Our approach over the last 18 months to bring together these two market leading products has been to ensure our clients of either offering (IBM BPM or IBM Case Manager) are able to move up to BAW while at the same time preserving all of their work, both design and runtime. Because of that, many of the Tips and Tricks from the older community are still applicable to any new BAW | Case solutions you may want to create.

We hope you enjoy our new community and contribute to it using the Discussions area.