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Announcing IBM Business Automation Workflow 22.0.2

By Christine Lemaster posted Fri December 16, 2022 03:11 PM


Just in time for the new year we are happy to announce that the newest IBM Business Automation Workflow version 22.0.2 is available today. This release addressed over 200 new enhancements and features.

Speed up your processes and improve communication with these new and improved features. Here is a list of highlights from this new release: 

Improved Process + Case Integration

  • Efficiently structured default templates for customized case client-side human service (CSHS) pages.
  • Additional case actions available as native CSHS UI views.
  • Enhanced case Tasks List UI View that can now display the process tasks for the current case.

Case Updates:

  • Richer FileNet content integration that supports the new Content Services toolkit UI Views that talks directly to FileNet via high performance GraphQL connections.

Business Automation Workflow in IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation (CP4BA) updates:

  • Using Workflow Process Service in IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation (CP4BA), you are now able to connect and emit BPMN events to Business Automation Insights (BAI). These events are received, processed and stored in the BAI data lake.
  • New BAW authoring topologies with a smaller footprint and fewer dependencies
  • Upgraded capability for Workflow authoring.

Updates to the Support Lifecycle

Customer feedback directly impacted recent changes to the IBM long-term serviceability release (LTSR) lifecycle for BAW, which now features longer support periods and a reduced need for frequent upgrades! Read the Business Automation Workflow blog on the support update announcement here. To learn more about the software support lifecycle, or policy definitions, explore the IBM Support Product page.

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For a complete list of What's New in the Business Automation Workflow 22.0.2 version, visit our release documentation