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How IBM Process Mining Unleashed New Efficiencies in BoB-Cardif Life

By Austin Rexroat posted Fri January 19, 2024 01:39 PM


Challenge: BoB-Cardif Life faced common digital transformation pitfalls - lack of strategic planning and technology misuse. They needed efficient innovation to optimize costs and operations.

Solution: BoB-Cardif partnered with IBM, adopting:

  • "Co-create with IBM" approach: Aligned digital transformation with strategic goals and customer value.
  • IBM Process Mining: Identified process inefficiencies and prioritized automation opportunities.
  • Super Automation Project: Optimized key processes like claims, underwriting, and approvals.


  • Reduced processing time by 70% and achieved 176% ROI.
  • Enhanced transparency: Identified business anomalies and uneven workloads.
  • Targeted optimization: Developed data quality measures and AI-powered solutions.
  • Set a benchmark: Became a leader in insurance industry digital transformation.

BoB-Cardif Life shows how AI-powered process mining, driven by customer value and strategic planning, can transform the insurance industry.

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