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Announcing IBM Operational Decision Manager 8.12

By Antony Viaud posted Fri June 23, 2023 03:33 AM


We are pleased to announce the availability of ODM 8.12 on June 23. 
This release delivers a streamlined, updated platform that runs on Java 11 and includes user-requested improvements.
ODM 8.12 is also included in the newly released IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation 23.0.1.

The main new features and updates in ODM 8.12 are detailed in the sections below.

Updated software requirements for Java 11 and Eclipse IDE

Java 11 is the new required Java version to run ODM 8.12 components and build decision services projects.

Rule Designer is based on Eclipse IDE 4.24, part of Eclipse 2022-06. Eclipse IDE 4.24 supports recent operating system versions and can be installed with Java 11.

New features in Decision Center

Features have been added to Decision Center and the Business Console, some of them in response to client requests.

Here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • Artifacts in the Recycle Bin can be filtered based on deletion date:
    Date filter in recycle bin
  • 2 decision services with shared rule projects can now have a similar branch name.
  • Rule properties with the Struct type (group of simple properties) are now supported in Business Console.
  • The following REST APIs have been added:
    • for defining users, groups and roles
    • for deleting decision services
    • for specifying custom ruleApp and ruleset versions

There are also performance improvements to display query results faster.

New and updated features in Rule Designer

The new Intellirule Editor for business rules delivers better term predications, for improved ease of use. The same editor has already been released in the Business Console, as part of ODM 8.11.1.

Terms predictions in new Intellirule editor

Similarly, Rule Designer now features the same improved decision table editor as in the Business Console, including on Windows.

A new code editor for BOM to XOM mapping now enables term predictions, syntax color coding and error detection during authoring.

The Rule Analysis view is back for decision services. It can raise a warning when conflicting, redundant, or missing rules are identified.

ODM on Kubernetes

ODM 8.12 on certified Kubernetes brings a few security improvements and configuration settings, in addition to the core improvements listed above.

Removed features

Some previously deprecated features are no longer supported in ODM 8.12 :

  • Classic rule engine. In 8.12, the previously deprecated classic rule engine is no longer supported. Decision service projects are now required to use the decision engine.
  • Deployment on traditional IBM WebSphere Application Server. In 8.12, deployment on traditional WebSphere Application Server is not supported. WebSphere Application Server does not run on Java versions later than Java 8. Deployment on IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty, which does support Java 11, is supported.
  • Decision modeling in Decision Center. As an alternative to ODM, organizations can now construct decision services with enhanced decision modeling in IBM Automation Decision Services. In ODM, users can continue structuring decision services with ruleflows.

ODM 8.12 product lifecycle

Standard technical support for ODM 8.12.x is available for a minimum of three years from the general availability date for organizations that maintain active software subscription and support (S&S). Extended and Advanced support can be purchased for a fee.

In summary

ODM 8.12 is an important release for organizations that need Java 11 support. It also features valuable improvements for Decision Center and Rule Designer users.

Organizations that are still relying on Classic Rule Engine should plan a switch to Decision Engine before adopting ODM 8.12. 

For more information on What’s New in v8.12, visit IBM Documentation linked here.

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