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Announcing IBM Operational Decision Manager 8.11.1

By Antony Viaud posted Sun December 18, 2022 03:20 PM


We are pleased to announce the availability of ODM 8.11.1 on December 16. This release is an update, fully compatible with ODM 8.11. It comes with an exciting set of new features and support for additional environments, most of them in response to your requests. ODM 8.11.1 also consolidates all fixes implemented during the second half of 2022, following the ODM fixpack delivered back in June 2022.
Last but not least, ODM 8.11.1 is included in the newly released IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation 22.0.2.

Below are the main new features included in ODM 8.11.1:

New decision table and business rules editors

A new decision table editor is available in Business Console. While it looks similar to the previous version, it is a new and faster implementation, and comes, for instance, with new functions to move and resize rows and columns. The same decision table editor is also available in Rule Designer on macOS and Linux, for a consistent experience across tools.

Decision table editor in Business ConsoleDecision table editor in Business Console

A new business rule editor has also been added to Business Console. It features better search and prediction of terms, as well as line numbers.

New features in Decision Center

Users managing decision services can benefit from the following new features in Business Console:

  • Improved snapshots comparison with BOM entries included
  • Manual locking and unlocking of rules and folders
  • Permission for all users to export decision service projects
  • Folder hierarchy displayed for deleted items in recycle bin
  • Management of empty collections in test suites

Administrators also benefit from new tools and settings:

  • Artifacts count to track usage per decision service
  • Setting to define for all users the rule properties to display in grid view
  • Logging of UI commands
  • A cleanup tool to remove old items from the repository

Improvements for ODM on Kubernetes

Operational teams can better control ODM deployments on Kubernetes with:

  • Support for horizontal pod autoscaling (HPA), to respond to increased load
  • Support for node affinity, to control the placement of pods on nodes

ODM users get a better support with:

  • An improved and more visible documentation for ODM on Kubernetes
  • An updated Getting Started tutorial, for hands-on experience

Support for additional platforms

ODM 8.11.1 adds support for newer environments. Some of these additions also apply to ODM For a complete list of supported environments per ODM version, refer to the ODM detailed system requirements.

In summary

ODM 8.11.1 is a feature-packed update that we highly recommend for any upcoming ODM upgrade. If you want to see a complete list and details of what’s new, please visit the release documentation.

In this Decision Management community, you will also find a wide variety of additional knowledge, thanks to many recent blogs and documents added in the Library by experts in the ODM product team.

Learn about these features and more in "What's new in IBM Decision Management," live January 12 at 11am EST.  Register here.