BPM, Workflow, and Case

Major benefits from Business Automation Workflow V19.0.0.1

By ANDREW RITCHIE posted Wed April 24, 2019 05:23 AM


In April a new continuous delivery update was released as V19.0.0.1.  Its designated version number represents the the last 2 digit of the year (19) of the release.  BAW is not a major release but an update that consists of iFixes and enhanced feature/functionality to the case management capabilities.


There are 3 main themes for the release. 


- Encourage Case Manager customers to move to Business Automation Workflow: Ease upgrade path for Case Manager / Case Foundation solutions

- Unified Workflow Projects: leverage Case and Process (BPMN) capabilities to create workflow applications

- Improved Workflow Center: New consolidated landing page for developer/end users to access Case, Process and Workflow solutions.


All the benefits below should encourage Case Manager/Case Foundation customer ease the adoption of Business Automation Workflow.  These are provided by improved configuration and administration support for

* Upgrade IBM Case Manager v5.3 and V5.2 releases to Business Automation Workflow

* In place incremental software update

* No changes to existing IBM Case Manager solutions or its data

* Supports Case or Combined Case / Process (BPMN) patterns

* Supports existing Navigator deployments as well as existing CPE deployments supported in V18.0.0.2


Cases and process (BPMN) capabilities can be combined to create new workflow projects.  These Project will leverage the appropriate authoring tools (Case Builder or WebPD) to create, manage and execute workflow solutions.  Workflow Projects improved the spectrum of solutions for workflow which encompass both Case and Process workflow patterns.  Now developers can leverage these new capabilities to create workflow solutions:


* Use new consolidated workflow project

* Add and orchestrate case activities with P8 or BPMN processes

* BPMN processes can interact with the parent case via new enhanced case awareness Case workers get unified case in baskets that seamlessly display process tasks in your case solutions

* Cases can leverage the powerful process handling capabilities and present tasks through rich user interfaces


Additionally,  Business Automation workflow will continue to support P8 processes for workflow solutions.


There has been considerable enhancements to the workflow landing page experience of Case Builder with the process app management of Process Center.  It allows developers to manage their projects as Process (BPMN), Case + Process (BPMN), Workflow Project, & Toolkits.


If you want to know more about Business Automation Workflow you can try our Learning Hub or contact your local IBM seller or Partner