Maximo Civil Infrastructure Autodesk Viewer Plugin

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Maximo Civil Infrastructure Autodesk Viewer Plugin 

Sun September 17, 2023 07:14 PM

Maximo Civil Infrastructure Autodesk Viewer Plug-in provides support for utilizing the Autodesk APS (formally Forge) Viewer in Maximo

It is most easily utilized in conjunction with COBie data that is imported in the BIM Projects application. The Autodesk Viewer integration provides visualization of Building Information Model (BIM) data in the context of the Maximo Assets, Locations, and Work Order Tracking applications. In this context, it provides the following features: Forge Service Administration
    •    A UI for administering the Autodesk APS service as used by Maximo including:
    •    Managing storage containers (Autodesk Buckets)
    •    Uploading models to the Autodesk APS service
    •    Linking multi-part models
    •    Translating models into viewable formats

Autodesk Viewer features that are exposed in the Viewer toolbar include: Full 3D navigation
    •    Basic search
    •    Model properties
    •    Model tree
    •    Sectioning of a model
    •    Model walk through
    •    Save and restore views

Support Information

This package is subject to the terms and conditions displayed upon download.

This download has been prepared and reviewed by IBM. It is offered "AS IS" to existing customers. Support is not provided for this download.  Append a comment to provide feedback and questions.


Maximo Application Suite 8.11 with Maximo Civil Infrastructure 8.11 or higher.  Previous versions of Maximo Civil Infrastructure includes this plugin pre-installed.  With version 8.11 the plugin was removed and can now be installed separately. 

The Autodesk viewer (formally Forge) is also known as the Large Model Viewer (LMV)/View and Data API. The Autodesk viewer is a cloud-based viewer. To utilize the viewer in Maximo a subscription from Autodesk is required. The Forge viewer requires a browser that supports WebGL. Tested browsers include: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome. 


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