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BIRT Reporting 

Tue March 24, 2020 03:44 PM

BIRT, Business Intelligence and Reporting, is the embedded reporting tool in the Maximo 7 Releases. As the embedded reporting tool, it enables the deepest levels of integrations throughout the various Maximo applications. the embedded features include:

1. Delivered Reports : Depending on the specific products you are licensed for, over 150 Out of the box reports are delivered out of the box. These reports span the variety of Applications, and include Analysis, Detail, Hierarchical, and Drill down Reports.

2. Developing Reports Developers can use the Eclipse Based BIRT Designer Tool to create or customize Maximo Based Reports. Utilizing the popular Eclipse Platform reduces learning curves and minimizes unique development platforms.

3. Running Reports: Users can run reports in a variety of ways for display in the report browser. Reports can then be converted to PDF for printed, or downloaded to other file formats including xls, pdf and ppt for additional analysis.

4. Application Toolbar Settings: Heavily used reports may be required to be accessed via a minimum number of mouse clicks for direct printing or display. This functionality is enabled through application toolbar settings of Browser View , Direct Print or Direct Print with Attachments .

5. Ad Hoc Reporting: This functionality is also called Query Based Reporting (QBR), and enables users to quickly create their own custom reports from any application. This greatly reduces the number of reports that need to be designed, created, tested, administered and maintained.

6. Installation: The embedded reporting tool is silently installed during the Maximo installation process. No separate install or integration process is required to activate the embedded report engine.

7. Performance: A wide variety of performance enablers are available in all aspects of the reporting process from configuration, administration, design, development, and execution.

8. Configuration: The embedded tool can be configured to be a separate, dedicated server called BROS (BIRT Report Only Server.) Additionally, the report server can be clustered, and since report scheduling is done via a cron task, the report server can be optionally located on a cron cluster.

9 Security: Set in the Report Administration application, report security can be granted at the individual report level, the application level or can be granted access to all reports. Additionally, no synchronization of security groups with external reporting systems is required.

10. Report Administration: 
Based on standard Maximo functionality and user interface, its features include importing and exporting of report designs to the database repository, monitoring report usage and defining and viewing performance enablers..



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Tue January 02, 2024 04:18 PM

BIRT Reporting transforms clinical data management, offering intuitive tools for creating detailed reports. Its robust features enable healthcare professionals to analyze and visualize patient data effectively, enhancing clinical decision-making and improving the quality of patient care through informed insights.

Wed June 02, 2021 07:19 AM

Good morning I'm Birt, and I'm with the following situation.

I have a report with 80 fields.
When I run the program I put a display and it passes 1 time in each field in the case of 80 times.
Is there any way for the program to pass once instead of 80?