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  • 1.  Work History on Service Addresses

    Posted Thu January 26, 2023 03:53 PM
    Hello All,
    As per our design for Water Meters and Waste Carts, these will be Assets on Service Addresses.
    Out-of-the-Box Maximo (7.6), there is no "View Work Details" action menu and dialog box for Service Addresses, as available on "Locations" and "Assets" applications. 
    My Question is that how we can get this on Service Addresses application, without going in Customization. Can we copy XML related to the dialog box and create some relationships and achieve this?
    I would really appreciate, if "Detailed" response with step by step process and any changes required in the XMLs and relationships...

    Thanks in Advance

    mx pro


  • 2.  RE: Work History on Service Addresses

    Posted Fri January 27, 2023 12:34 PM
    The service address functionality is simply a way of putting a postal code street delivery on a location.  If you go to your locations application you will see that you can add a service address to your location.  Everything in Maximo is Location based.  Physical assets have a real world location.  That is why it is best practice to create your logical location primary system in a geographical hierarchy.  Then adding a service address to the location enables you to find it in the real world and drive to the location.  Whether your asset is a field, a tank, a building, a pump, a whatever; that thing, that hunk of iron, sits in a location to which one would normally associate some kind of postal code based address. This feature then allows all the wonderful functionality we love in Maximo to happen. 😁

    If your intent it to use the View Work Dialog Box in the Service Address application to see all work associated to assets and locations that have any given Service Address then you will likely have to do some Automation Script work (hopefully not custom Java) to enable the dialog box to use the Service address since it is designed to work with the Location or Assets and their relative hierarchies.  However, if you have properly organised your primary location hierarchy along geo based principles then the use of service address as the basis of organising work is to some extent superfluous.

    Hope this helps.

    Bradley K. Downing , MBA
    Senior Brand Technical Specialist
    Bakersfield CA

  • 3.  RE: Work History on Service Addresses

    Posted Sat January 28, 2023 08:49 AM
    Edited by System 5 days ago
    Hi Bradley
    Thanks for your response
    I understand about locations, but for Utility Meters and waste Bins, it is not feasible to create Locations, as basically these assets needs to be at Service Address and if we go for Locations, then there will be thousands of Locations to be created and Maintained, plus, for Water Meters, they are in Oracle CCBCS (Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing Cloud Service for our Water Billing) and we are doing in Integration with it, and there, these are on Service Addresses. We analyzed about location, but we figured out that it will not be feasible to go with Locations.
    That said, on Assets Application, there is "Work" tab. I am thinking to leverage that tab, rather than trying to get the dialog box.

    What are your thoughts?

    One more thing... off the topic.... since I have you here, any update on MAS 8 Preview site??

    mx pro