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  • 1.  Roles in Maximo

    Posted Wed September 28, 2022 04:09 AM
    I have been looking around for some input on the thinking around the roles in Maximo. There will be dashboards for shedulers, planners, upervisors etc. and Mobile is also based on role. What i'm looking for is the definition of the roles from a development perspektive. 
    It can be challenging to get buy in from clients to adopt the role based thinking so it would be nice to understand how IBM defines the roles so we can map current way and roles to the IBM way.

    So anyone who has seen any discussions, docs etc? 

    BRG, Patrik

    Patrik Nilsson


  • 2.  RE: Roles in Maximo

    IBM Champion
    Posted Wed September 28, 2022 04:17 AM
    Hi Patrick - Try page 6 in this article on Work Centers Maximo Work Centers, it won't be all the roles, but it will be a starting point. The next step is then to search for other role-based security groups in a MAXDEMO database and find a suitable user.

    Hope that helps. Regards - Andrew

    Andrew Jeffery
    Maximo SME
    ZNAPZ b.v
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  • 3.  RE: Roles in Maximo

    IBM Champion
    Posted Thu September 29, 2022 09:12 AM
    Hi Patrik,

    Roles are usually broken into two areas that combine when applied to give you a "super" profile.

    The first area is "what applications and the actions within those applications will that role require?  An example is that anyone who is a Supervisor can approve a work order, but those who are technicians can only INPRG and COMP work.

    The second area is "what data can they see or select?"  A supervisor can see data from Area A +B + C, and the labor payrates and only for SITES A +B.  Whereas a technician group "A" cannot know the labor payrate and see data from site A, and technician group B still cannot see the labor payrate and can only see data in site "B".

    But that is only one way to define a role.  If possible, you will want to define a role that has common functions and/or data, etc.  Most times it's aligned to the job title.  A technician needs access to the same apps, the same actions, and to the same labor functions wherever they work.

    The names, functions and restrictions are specific to your business and this is why you won't find any pre-packaged roles, start centres, or queries unless you've got one of the industry solutions or have installed one of the quick start packages.

    You say that it will be challenging for clients to adopt role-based thinking...err no.  They do it every day. Roles are around everywhere.  Think about purchasing.  Only the CEO can approve >$2.5m and the CIO >$1m to $2.5M.  The approver cannot be the requestor.

    I'm happy to have a chat.

    Craig Kokay,
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