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Maximo Receiving - Return vs Void Receipt

  • 1.  Maximo Receiving - Return vs Void Receipt

    Posted Tue October 04, 2022 11:40 AM
    We have run into an issue where PO receipts are entered and saved. Then a return transaction is created and saved for the same amount because the original quantity received was incorrect. They then create a new receipt for the correct amount. The problem is we are then able to create and approve an invoice for the 10 that were returned. 

    PO Receipt transaction for quantity 10 created. Incorrect quantity.
    PO Return transaction for quantity 10 created to correct incorrect receipt.
    PO Receipt transaction for quantity 2 created.
    Invoice created and approved for quantity 10.

    If we void the receipt, we cannot create the approved receipt. I understand a return receipt can be used on a credit invoice but should it be allowed for a non-credit invoice?

    I would like to better understand or hear about scenarios where a Return is used and when to use Void Receipt

    Appreciate any responses.

    Sean Belmont