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  • 1.  Maximo Mobile Technician - Not Refreshed Work Order List

    Posted 20 days ago
    Edited by Muhammed Zahid Soluk 20 days ago

    Business rules dictate that users must use the app only in online mode. We have customized buttons so that when it's offline, it can not execute buttons and functionalities. I guide users to use the 'Check for Updates' button to refresh the work list. However, the 'Check for Updates' button does not work properly; sometimes, every click calls the Maximo API, while other times, it takes the 4th or 5th click to call the Maximo API. Is there any option to force the work order list to refresh every time? Additionally, we couldn't find the source code for the 'Check for Updates' button. Do you know where the source code is located?

    We are using Maximo Mobile EAM 8.10 Web version of Technician app works properly.
    Muhammed Zahid Soluk

  • 2.  RE: Maximo Mobile Technician - Not Refreshed Work Order List

    Posted 19 days ago

    The source code for the Check for Updates isn't part of the individual application because it's part of the framework we embed. I'm pretty sure it is making the request, but you could try to confirm with an Android or Windows debug application where you analyze the network requests. Likely you are not seeing results as fast as you expect which is why you think it isn't doing anything. 

    In 9.0 we're making various UI changes to the behavior of the Check for Updates to better indicate progress of the request. Right now, even when it looks "done", it may be downloading records in the background. 

    Steven Shull