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Maximo Anywhere Error "Not Available" --when using HTTPS URL

  • 1.  Maximo Anywhere Error "Not Available" --when using HTTPS URL

    Posted Mon May 15, 2023 02:09 PM
    Edited by System Tue August 22, 2023 04:44 PM

    Hello All,

    Our Maximo Anywhere 764 (with ifix004) apps (Work Execution & Service Request) are displaying "not available" error when HTTPS URL is entered. With HTTP, app connects successfully.
    We used valid CA issued by ISRG for HTTPS configuration. We are able to access Maximo using both HTTPS and HTTP URL's.

    We checked our server logs and we didn't have anything related to the HTTPS connection request.
    Also we are doing container build to have our customization.
    Please suggest. Do i need to perform any other configuration changes during build ?

    Case 1 :
    When tried with Apple App store, Work Technician App, using https url is connecting and downloading the app.xml. but in login page, we are seeing "Server unreachable" error.

    With http url(vpn connected), its working as expected

    Case 2:
    When tried using natively build ipa file, its displaying not available error.