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  • 1.  Increase worklog table data In Maximo

    Posted Wed March 22, 2023 01:51 AM

    Anyone have the idea how can we increase the number of days we keep the data for specific table "Worklog" . I see in workorder only 2 weeks data is display in workorder "log" tab other than data deleted by maximo. i want to change the setting for this worklog table

    I have checked all other things there is no automation script also no escaltion apply in Maximo.

    Faryal Amjad


  • 2.  RE: Increase worklog table data In Maximo

    Posted Thu March 23, 2023 01:33 AM

    Have You checked on DB side, are those records really deleted form DB? Or maybe somebody applied some where clause (or specific relationship) on that application worklog view.

    Juris Flugins

  • 3.  RE: Increase worklog table data In Maximo

    Posted Thu March 23, 2023 07:41 AM

    Adding to what Juris said, there is nothing out of box that would limit it to any duration. By default, any work log ever created will be visible forever. It's possible a previous administrator has modified the relationship in database configuration to restrict it to the last two weeks, built some sort of background process to archive/delete that data, etc. 

    Without access to the environment it's difficult to say how the restriction was implemented to tell you how to remove it. But I think checking the database like Juris mentioned would be good to make sure the data is actually still there. 

    Steven Shull