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Reduce the operational costs of the facilities you manage, and create more engaging occupant experiences through the application of IoT data and AI. Check out the Glossary to tag your content accordingly. 

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  • Hey Bruce, I do not know the answer to this question, although I suspect that it still works. I've posted the question to the TRIRIGA Conversations LinkedIn group to see if I can get an answer for you. I'll let you know if I get any response. --Mark ...

  • Good morning Bruce, In talking to IBM we discovered that support for SAP's Crystal reports was dropped for the 4.0 platform vs. The work around in Java that our support contractors identified was VERY outside of the delivered product, and deemed by us ...

  • Hi, We are trying to upgrade to TRIRIGA 11/4. Does anyone have any experience using Crystal Reports on TRIRIGA 11/4? Does it still work? Thanks! ------------------------------ Bruce Wong ------------------------------

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  • TRIRIGA Tuesday: Dynamic Spaces, Flexible Workplaces with IAdea and TRIRIGA Reservations Date: Tuesday, September 27 th , 2022 Time: 12:00PM EST Replay and Slides Here In this session presented by IBM Product Management and IAdea, learn more ...

  • Operationalizing Sustainability with Strategic Asset Management Webinar Series Operationalizing Sustainability with Strategic Facilities Management Date: Tuesday, September 20 th , 2022 Time: ...

  • TRIRIGA Tuesday: GASB 87 - Shining Light on Leased Assets and Liabilities Register here: Download Slides Unless otherwise specified, pronouncements of the GASB apply to financial ...

  • Empowering Sustainable Facilities with TRIRIGA Register Here: Slides Sustainability has become a core business imperative for large enterprises and government ...

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