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db2look in DB2 11.5 LUW for procedures

  • 1.  db2look in DB2 11.5 LUW for procedures

    Posted 22 days ago


    I'm new to DB2. I'm using db2look to generate DDL for schema and then excute the output sql file onto a different database server. I'm using the following code:

    db2look -d <DB_NAME> -cor -e -l -x -z <schema_name> -o output.sql

    The sql file is breaking the create procedure <PROC_NAME> into multiple lines and when this file is used to execute the procedures are failing to create. If I manually making the 'create procedure <PRO_NAME> into a single line with the help of file editors the execute working fine. 

    Question: Is there a setting or flag that I'm not using ? 

    Vinay S