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DOORS Web Access 9.7.2 – How to write an advanced shutdown script on Windows Server

By ROMAIN BARTH posted Fri January 27, 2023 08:05 AM


Over the years working in support, I dealt with many customers asking for custom scripts. Recently I helped few customers with their DWA shutdown script. Of course, IBM shipped a basic shutdown script that can be improved with the instructions in that linked technote.

But that was not enough for their configurations.

1) The same Windows server hosts many DWAs.

For testing purpose, it is possible to run more than one DWA server on the same Windows server. In that case, the instruction

taskkill /IM doors.exe

will stop all the interop servers of all the DWA servers. Not great, if you only want to stop a specific DWA.

Then it is better to use in that case the following command:

Wmic process where (Name like '%%doors.exe%%' And commandLine like '%%-Interop -brokerPort 61616%%') CALL TERMINATE

Thanks to the command line argument you can specific the correct Interop servers to stop, for example, by looking at the broker port.

2) JMX has been disabled in the broker.

You followed that technote and you disabled JMX for security reason.

In that case, it is not possible to use the script broker.shutdown.bat to stop the broker because the shutdown process uses the JMX port.

Again, you can use:

Wmic process where (Name like '%%java.exe%%' And commandLine like '%%-Dorg.apache.activemq%%') CALL TERMINATE

to stop the broker.

With those commands, you will be able to write a correct shutdown script for DWA on Windows Server that will work with any setup.