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MAF configuration - Mobile - Technician - Add a button to reload WO to update in Work Order Detail page

By Piyush Sukhadiya posted Mon April 01, 2024 01:00 AM


Below is an example of how a user can add a new button in the Work Order Detail screen to update WO from the Server. 

1) In app.xml, Add a button before the work order Edit button

<button icon="carbon:renew" kind="ghost" padding="false" on-click="reloadWO"/>

2) In appCustomizations.js - add a new function as

async reloadWO({datasource}) { await'woDetailResource').forceSync(); }

3) Adjust the adaptive-column's width in app.xml to include the new button on medium and large screens.

For the button's container adaptive-column - change xlarge-width="5" large-width="10" to xlarge-width="15" large-width="20"
and for its previous adaptive-column - change xlarge-width="35" large-width="90" to xlarge-width="25" large-width="80"

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