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IBM Announces Maximo Application Suite 9.0!

By Kim Woodbury posted 18 days ago


On June 25, 2024, IBM announced the availability of the highly anticipated release 9.0 of the Maximo Application Suite

Continuing to deliver on end-to-end asset lifecycle management requirements with capabilities around EAM, APM and RCM, MAS 9.0 brings new functions across the portfolio. This release also offers an updated lifecycle policy of 3+1+3 to better align with customers ability to implement new releases and supports customers upgrading directly from, or to 9.0.    

The delivery of the first of many watsonx generative AI use cases ensures that accurate failure data is captured on WO’s driving consistent data and improved WO intelligence.   Additional scheduling and dispatching capabilities coupled with robust Mobile features and an omni channel integration to customer management tools now addresses Field Service Management use cases, ensuring work is assigned to the right person at the right time resulting in improved customer satisfaction. 

A focus on sustainability builds on a long history of tracking environmentally impactful processes with the introduction of an Emissions Tracking Dashboard within the Health, Safety Environment and Oil and Gas offerings to help customers monitor their progress against CO2 reduction targets.   The Reliability Strategies content library now allows for the creation of your own FMEA studies and actions to ensure all your assets are represented and align to your organizations operating model. 

Improvements to the user experience in Manage expands the capabilities of the operational dashboard, where users now can create multiple views for individuals who wear multiple hats, and continued personalization and extended actual reporting options for work orders and work queues make this new interface one that every user should experience first hand.    For users of past versions, 9.0 introduces the Inspection Form Builder and Formula applications in an updated experience, making all previous work center applications obsolete.    

Mobile delivers Calibration capabilities, ACM Asset Swaps and support for Linear applications as well as technical improvements and new capabilities for map support and accepting and rejecting new assignments to support the Field Service use case.   Spatial mapping options offers a new technology for the desktop applications providing an 80% performance improvement and new features.  With the ability to deliver ESRI licenses by IBM with 9.0 every customer should be employing the use of maps for indoor and outdoor asset management. 

Monitor delivers improved administration of external devices and gateways with a guided flow and Building Insights functionality.   Health is providing new out of the box scoring models and MTBF views as well as a new model for Electrical Transformers.   Visual Inspection now supports GigE cameras, allows for blurring of private information with a facial redaction capability, and a data lifecycle management policy tool will help with the  removal of historical images. 

Finally, there are foundational improvements and currency updates worth mentioning, from CSS customization support so individual company names, environment details and color schemes can be modified for the MAS banner, to improved password management and user management options.    Support for CP4D 4.8, OCP 4.13/4.14, Mongo v5 and v6 and Cognos 12 are all added for MAS 9. 


See the announcement letter here for additional details and look for updates in the community and on the IBM documentation site to learn more. 


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18 days ago

Kudos to the IBM Maximo product team getting this out as promised! Outstanding job!