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Maximo Application Suite 8.11 Released Today September 26, 2023

By Kim Woodbury posted Tue September 26, 2023 12:47 PM


Announcing the Availability of Maximo Application Suite 8.11

Maximo Application Suite 8.11 was announced and is available today. Here is a link to today’s US Announcement Letter 223-0230.  Under the continuous delivery lifecycle policy, the release of Maximo Application Suite 8.11 will signify the end of maintenance updates for Maximo Application Suite 8.9.   Maximo Application Suite 8.11 is a long-term supported release.

Continuing to deliver expanded capabilities to support EAM APM and now RCM processes MAS 8.11 brings new features that drive incremental improvements across Monitor, Health & Predict and Manage.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights:

Accelerator Catalog - The ability to access complimentary solutions provided by IBM or one of the many valued IBM partners through the accelerator catalog hosted on the IBM Red hat Marketplace will help accelerate the delivery of new offerings and provide a trusted source of expanded extensions to your MAS deployment.  You can explore the catalog here.

Monitor -   Embedded technology that allows for quick time to value in connecting realtime operational data from a large library of predefined adaptors to systems like OSI pi, Schneider, Rockwell and many others.   This release has integrated the Omnio technology directly into the Monitor dashboards allowing users access to configure their connects in a single experience.

Health and Predict 8.11 now includes the risk assessment and asset investment planning (AIP) capabilities that were formerly only a part of the health and predict for utilities (HPU) offering.  The components of the HPU offering that were not incorporated in base Health and Predict can now be found in the accelerator catalog.

Manage – The evolution of the modernized user experience including new dashboards and mobile applications continues to be realized with the release of MAS 8.11.   Expanding on the Operational Dashboard brings new query management and KPI capabilities embedded in this exciting new interactive, actionable entry point for users.    View the capabilities of the dashboard in this video.   New Scheduling dashboards for dispatching resources and responding to new work requirements in a visual intuitive interface are also part of the latest MAS release.  Within the Mobile realm, the new Issues application continues to expand the supply chain capabilities adding to the existing Countbooks and Receiving applications previously released.

Reliability Strategies – The RCM capabilities that are now available through a FEMA Application where users can explore and then utilize the content from over 800 equipment types, 58,000 Failure Locations and over 5,000 PM Tasks can accelerate customers ability to build out their RCM strategies quickly with industry standard content.  Access to the application and the library of content via the Accelerator Catalog are included in the suite without requiring any additional Apppoints.

Maximo for IT – As the convergence of IT and OT assets becomes increasingly prevalent the ability to support IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Asset Management (ITAM) processes within the suite is essential for todays organizations.  Formerly known as IBM Control Desk, these ITSM and ITAM capabilities will now be available in the application suite with version 8.11 as an add-on to Manage.

...and there is so much more.   Take a look at the resources below to get additional information!

You can read the full announcement here.

The IBM What’s New documentation can be found here.

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