Synchronize SevOne NPM device inventory in SevOne with ServiceNow

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Mon July 17, 2023 09:14 AM

Purpose of Workflow: The purpose of the workflow is to sync the device inventory in SevOne with the inventory in ServiceNow.


Description: The workflow gets a list of devices being monitored by SevOne and loops through all SevOne devices to see if they are in ServiceNow.  If not, it adds the device to the cmdb_ci table to be added to ServiceNow. Next, the workflow checks if there are devices in ServiceNow that are marked as "other automated", and not in SevOne. If found and the variable Dry_run is set to false, it will remove the device from ServiceNow.


Pliant Version: 2022.8 or later

Integrations required: SevOne minimum version 1.0.20, ServiceNow minimum version 1.0.15

Authentication(s) needed: SevOne, ServiceNow

SevOne User Role: The user must be part of the administrator's group

ServiceNow User Role: The user should have ITIL and ASSET roles in ServiceNow



  • You must modify the variable SevOne_Authkey in the start block to your current SevOne authentication name
  • You must modify the variable ServiceNow_Authkey in the start block to your current ServiceNow authentication name
  • To delete or add devices, you must change the variable Dry_run to false; by default, it is set to true when first importing the workflow

Expected results:

  • Dry run boolean <either true or false>
  • Total number of devices checked
  • Number of devices deleted from ServiceNow
  • Number of SevOne devices added
  • ServiceNow deleted devices information

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