Onboard devices into SevOne from a MSSQL database

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Thu September 14, 2023 04:52 AM

Description: Reads an MSSQL table containing records of new devices to create in SevOne and creates them. MSSQL records with a device already on SevOne or with missing info are excluded from the creation.


Rapid Network Automation Version: 2022.8 or later

Integrations required: SevOne minimum version 1.0.20, MSSQL minimum version 1.2.2

Authentication(s) needed: SevOne, MSSQL

SevOne User Role: The user must be part of the administrator's group

MSSQL User Role(Fixed DB Role): db_datareader // This is a fixed database role that can read all data from all user tables and views.

MSSQL User Role (User DB Role): At a minimum, the user must be able to read the targeted table. Please speak to your granting authority.



  • You must modify the variable SevOne_Authkey in the start block to your current SevOne authentication name
  • You must modify the variable MSSQL_Auth in the start block to your current MSSQL authentication name
  • You will need to change the MSSQL_Database & MSSQL_Table variable to reflect the database and table name you are trying to onboard from.
  • The required columns in the MSSQL database table: "name", "alternate_name", "description", "ip_address", "polling_frequency"


Expected results:

  • List of Devices
  • Created devices
  • Omitted devices

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