Future-proofing network management: Navigating hybrid clouds and modern IT demands webinar

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30 days ago

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As organizations increasingly move towards hybrid cloud infrastructures and integrate technologies like artificial intelligence, traditional network management systems are being pushed to their limits. This webinar will explore how these technological shifts reshape network connectivity and the urgent need for modernized network tools to keep pace with these changes.

Participants will gain valuable insights into the limitations of existing network management systems and learn about advanced strategies and tools that can help overcome these challenges. The webinar will highlight IBM’s innovative solutions to modernize and consolidate network tooling, ensuring your organization can adapt to and thrive in a rapidly changing technological landscape.

Key speakers

Tom Griffin, Woldwide GTM - Network Observability (SevOne & TNC-P), IBM

Brian Promes, Head of Outbound Product Management - Software Networking, IBM


Alec Artosky, Brand Technical Specialist - Software Networking

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