Elevate Performance by trading up to IBM SevOne Automated Network Observability webinar

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21 days ago

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Unlock the potential of your network with IBM SevOne Automated Observability. As a current user of SevOne NPM, leverage machine learning for automated actions, cost-effective observation, and an app-centric view. Explore real scenarios, discover the benefits of upgrading, and revolutionize your network performance with IBM SevOne!

As a user of IBM SevOne NPM, you’ve come to understand how machine learning-based insights can help you spot, address, and prevent environmental issues before they impact your business. But what if you could do more?

  • What if you could turn those insights into automated actions?
  • What if you could more cost-effectively observe your network with richer depth and visibility? 
  • What if you could begin to color your existing metric data with knowledge of application traffic for an app-centric view of your network performance?

Key speakers

Raul Gonzalez, Brand Technical Architect - Network Automation - Network and Cloud Connectivity SME, IBM

Brian Promes, Head of Outbound Product Management - Software Networking, IBM

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