De-Duplicate devices in the SevOne NPM

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11 days ago

Purpose of Workflow: Used to locate duplicate devices and remove them from the device inventory in SevOne

Description: Loops through the device inventory in SevOne and outputs a list of ‘duplicate’ devices matching 1 of 4 criteria (matching name, sysName, alternate names, and IP addresses) optionally removes the ‘duplicate’ device.


Rapid Network Automation Version: 2022.8 or later

Integrations required: SevOne minimum version 1.0.20

Authentication(s) needed: SevOne

SevOne User Role: The user must be part of the administrator's group



  • You must modify the variable SevOne_Authkey in the start block to your current SevOne authentication name
  • You must set the “find_” variables in the start block to either true or false to set the criteria to search for duplicates by
  • Decide if you want to mark the older device or the newer device as the duplicate in the variable Mark_duplicate_As
  • You must set “Delete_Duplicates” to true if you want devices deleted from SevOne


Expected results:

  • Total Device count for all peers
  • Devices that are duplicates with detail such as the device ID of the duplicate device, and an indication of whether the device is “older” (meaning it was added to SevOne prior to its duplicate) or “newer” (meaning it was added to SevOne after its duplicate) 
  • Devices that were deleted from SevOne (if the variable Delete_Duplicates was set to true)

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