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  • 1.  Regarding SevOne-requestd's / SevOne-selfmond's

    Posted Thu April 27, 2023 05:16 AM
    Threshold triggered -- PPB's SevOne-requestd's Requestd: Available peers: 0.00 Percent < 100 Percent averaged over 5.00 minutes


    I'm new in SevOne, and I found out this 2 alerts, may I know what's actually tringle these 

    Threshold triggered -- XXXXXX's SevOne-requestd's Requestd

    Threshold triggered -- XXXXXX's SevOne-selfmond's Selfmond

    Thank you.

    john cheong

  • 2.  RE: Regarding SevOne-requestd's / SevOne-selfmond's

    IBM TechXchange Speaker
    Posted Fri April 28, 2023 02:24 PM

    Hi John

    this alert comes from SevOne selfmonitoring capability ( where SevOne monitors itself, not only measuring things like CPU, memory, etc... but also application layer information, including the RequestD process.

    Regarding RequestD, this is the backbone messaging daemon, like a messaging bus and it's critical in SevOne, therefore if you see any issue with this process, I would recommend opening a case with support to review the problem. It might be nothing (for example you just added a new peer to the cluster and there is no activity on that appliance) or it can be something more serious.

    Raul Gonzalez
    IBM SevOne Technical Sales
    Brighton, UK