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  • Hi Shariq, IBM RPA is IBM's strategic robotic process automation solution: ------------------------------ NIGEL CROWTHER ------------------------------

  • I wanted to know that IBM is providing two RPA tools, one that was acquired back in 2020 and another one from Automation Anywhere. Which is the tool that we need to proceed with and start utilizing? Regards, Shariq ------------------------------ Shariq ...

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    RE: IMAP Read mail

    It seems the IMAP server is sending something wrong in the body structure. Which server are you connecting to? (gmail, outlook, other? ) Also, enable the " enable log " parameter ( to ...

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  • IBM Expert Labs - IBM Automation is pleased to announce the new 5-day, self-paced course: Automating Tasks with IBM Robotic Process Automation 20.12.5 This course introduces you to the IBM RPA architecture and environments, and task automation. Through ...

  • Managing and monitoring daily RPAs may not be an easy task, with the advancement of automation of processes in companies more information needs to be monitored for decision making. Over those years, we have followed up with several projects and found ...

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  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the hottest categories of Automation software over the past 5 years, with RPA vendors raking in revenue and inspiring many mergers and acquisitions. IBM acquired WDG Automation in 2020 to integrate with its IBM ...

  • The automation possibilities with RPA are plenty. IBM® Robotic Process Automation (IBM RPA) adds to the possibility list by providing not only a myriad of commands to handle different automation scenarios but also different ways to deploy your RPA bots. ...

  • Do you have something to say about IBM Automation documentation? We'd love you to let us know what you think by completing a short survey (5 minutes of your time, tops!). Answer 6 multiple-choice questions and add your comments, if you have ideas on ...

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