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Chat with Raul Gonzalez - SevOne @ MWC Barcelona 2022

By Veeramani Nambi posted Mon March 14, 2022 03:44 AM


SevOne @ Mobile World Congress 2022, Barcelona

Veer catches up with @Raul Gonzalez, SevOne rockstar, who was in Barcelona for the event. Raul participated in the Community Day 2021 festival and is an acclaimed expert on SevOne.

VN: Good Day Raul. Nice to be talking to you. For our community readers, Can you talk about the event, that is Mobile World Congress?

RG: MWC is the premier event for Telcos. And it happens every year. Owing to Covid, MWC could not happen for the past two years. Though MWC conducts their event in Shanghai and Las Vegas, the event is more synonymous with Barcelona and it is their most attended one. MWC is very important for all the Telco's of the world as the event is of a more strategic nature, than tactical. Typically about 100,000 attendees are present, however this year about 60,000 people attended the event. And it's important to note that this is not only a B2C event but also a B2B one.

VN: I see. So i guess, this event should be all about 5G, it's preparedness and challenges?

RG: Indeed. 5G is the biggest topic. 5G Slicing is one of the hot topics within the larger 5G discussions. (Read more on Network Slicing, in this article, written by @Ashok Iyengar Automation at the Edge).Automation not only becomes an enabler but could also become a requirement and a necessity.

VN: I agree. Automation is not a nice-to-do anymore. Can you talk about key IBM products that took the stage in the event?

RG: Many IBM Products were there. The core ones are IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation, SevOne, IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps, QRadar and Security SOAR. It was nice to meet so many people after a longtime, both IBMers and Customers. 

VN: What were IBM's themes for the event?

RG: We had few themes:
Day 0 Operations, Automation Everywhere - How we could maintain service assurance and security, Day 2 Operations and How to monetise investments, by Slicing and Use of AI Analytics.

VN: Sounds Interesting topics. What was the infrastructure like of IBM, at MWC?

RG: A meeting room is a given. We also had Private Solution Labs, 4 of them.  This is a facility for inviting our customer for a demo. And i was manning one of the PSLs. It was a great time explaining our technology to our clients and how it had relevance to their environment.

VN: Quite Impressive. And Thanks for your time to appraise us of the event. SevOne is a great company and would love your collaboration on the Community. Now, Can i request you to tag the people in the group photo below, to this post? All the very best to you !

RG: Sure thing. Nice talking to you as well.

PS: I can recognise the Boston Dynamics person :-)