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IBM TechXchange Conference Session: Hands-On Excellence: A Guided Lab to Supercharge Network Performance with SevOne NPM

By Tim Greenside posted Tue August 15, 2023 05:24 PM


I am excited to share that I will be facilitating a fun, informative hands-on lab at the upcoming IBM TXC Conference at the MGM in Las Vegas.  The lab will give attendees hands-on access to IBM’s SevOne NPM network observability platform.  In the lab you will be guided as you troubleshoot a network performance issue using SevOne Data Insight’s intuitive workflows and advanced Machine Learning capabilities to help you spot and investigate abnormal network behavior.  You will also learn how to build your own dashboards & reports in Data Insight!

Here are some more details about my session:

  • Session ID: 3642
  • Date / Time: Wednesday, September 13, 2023 @ 10:15 AM
  • Location: MGM Grand Las Vegas, Room: Boulevard 166, Level 1

Here are the Top 3 things you will learn in this session:

  • You will get to drive SevOne NPM in a hands-on environment;
  • You will learn how to navigate SevOne Data Insight as you troubleshoot a network performance issue;
  • You will build your own network observability reports & dashboards using SevOne Data Insight.

Make sure you register for the: TechXchange Conference from Sept 11-Sept 14th in Las Vegas.

A few “Fun Facts” about myself:

“I have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Margo.”

“After playing tennis all my life, I just started playing Pickleball."

“I enjoy running. While I’ve and completed two Marathons (both Austin TX), I think the Half Marathon is more my distance.”