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Sneak Peak: 2023 TechXchange labs for IT Automation and Software Defined Networking

By Stephanie Wilkerson posted Mon July 10, 2023 10:30 AM


Our team is very excited about the upcoming TechXchange conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. After the Vegas TechXchange event, we are planning  European and AP events. 

Read on for a first look at some of the offerings in the Business Automation track hands-on labs. Titles and descriptions are subject to change as we refine the content and we will be adding more as well. 

Post any questions or suggestions in the comments- We look forward to seeing you there!

Title Description
Master Class in noise reduction using Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps In this lab, you will use Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps  to federate topology gathered from multiple sources, master building AI driven policies to manage noise, understand how  alerts get automatically grouped to ensure only those alerts that need action create tickets. This is the secret sauce behind more than a 40% reduction in tickets.
Diagnosing Problems with Instana in Cloud Native and Hybrid Environments

In this lab, you will use Instana to diagnose a number of different problems.   Understand how to leverage Instana’s Event correlation to analyze complex problems involving multiple correlated events. You will also learn how to use Analytics to analyze calls to identify the root case of a problem. 

Instana’s relationship data provides additional context when analyzing slowdowns and outages.  Finally, you will learn how Instana’s EUM/RUM data can help diagnose problems affecting end users.  The target personas for this lab are IT Operations, SREs, Development, and LOB/App Owner.

Prerequisites:  Kubernetes

Instrumenting applications with telemetry and using telemetry data to diagnose application problems This lab focuses on how to add telemetry data to establish end-to-end tracing of applications.  This includes instrumenting application runtimes like java, node.js, etc. as well as instrumenting key IBM middleware such as IBM MQ.  In addition, this lab will show you how OpenTelemetry data can be integrated into Instana.  One of Instana’s key strengths is the ability to integrate application tracing data when only a portion of the application is instrumented with OpenTelemetry.  The target personas for this lab are SREs and Development

Prerequisites:  Kubernetes
Administering Instana (Events, Smart Alerts,  Alert Channels, REST APIs, etc)   

In this lab, you will learn many of Instana’s administrative capabilities.  This will help you setup and maintain an Instana environment. This includes setting up Events, Smart Alerts, Alert Channels, REST APIs, and more. This lab is targeted at the IT Operations, and SRE personas. 

Prerequisites:  Basic knowledge of Instana

Using Instana’s Synthetic Monitoring and Action Catalog This lab will focus on two key new capabilities of Instana.  You will learn to setup synthetic tests to do proactive monitoring of websites and REST APIs.  In addition, you will learn about Instana’s Action Catalog to automate corrective actions.  The target personas for this lab are IT Operations, SREs and LOB/Application Owner.

Prerequistes:  Basic shell scripting, Linux, javascript (optional)
FinOps with Turbonomic – Learn how to start implementing governance around cloud costs working with views and workflows. In this lab, learn how to configure software to better understand cloud use patterns, inform application and resource owners and help develop a strategy to contain costs while delivering the right levels of service.
Master class in setting up automated actions and building trust in K8S/OpenShift optimization In this lab, you will learn how to manage the K8s/OpenShift based applications. This lab also focuses on how Turbonomic helps in achieving the elasticity of your cloud native applications.
Turning on Elasticity in public cloud -- How do I accelerate my ops elasticity journey by learning which knobs and levers to press first? In this lab, you will learn how to operationalize your journey to achieve elasticity in the cloud infrastructure. This lab will allow you to look into various aspects of automating the optimization of public cloud application infrastructure - from easy to difficult tasks.
Learn how to stitch your IT environment of VMware, AWS and Kubernetes together in 45 min

Learn to combine your IT environment of VMware, AWS and Kubernetes/OpenShift in 45 min and start seeing the value by the recommendations provided. These recommendations can be how to optimize the environment, which orphaned IT resources can be freed up, where savings can be obtained by removing the over allocation and where performance risks might exist. We will walk through the actions and execute after verifying validity right after connecting the data.

When you leave this lab, you will no longer wonder where to begin!

 Optimizing Network Performance with SevOne NPM

Are you tired of looking at slide presentation after slide presentation?  Are you ready to get your hands dirty, with fingers on keyboards learning from experts how to optimize network performance with IBM SevOne NPM in your own personal sandbox?

In this lab, you will experience first-hand how to:
- Get started with SevOne NPM by adding devices, creating groups and establishing monitoring policies
- Hit the ground running with out-of-the-box reports
-,Follow a series of network observability best practices
- Solve network performance problems faster with chaining and workflow
- Use machine learning for more effective monitoring policies
- Understand how the network is being utilized and by whom (using NetFlow)

How to enable Application-Centric Connectivity in Hybrid, Cloud Environments Enterprises are adopting edge, hybrid and multi-cloud architectures with applications and data assets spread across public and private clouds while supporting a remote, dynamic user base. However, there's a consistent issue. IT teams need help delivering the secure, predictable network connectivity required by their applications. This struggle can be as much an organizational alignment issue as a tools and technology issue, often leading to ineffective and delayed deployments. IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh addresses these challenges by delivering simple, secure, and predictable application-centric connectivity and bridging operational silos. 

Join us for the first TechXchange Conference for practitioners using IBM products and solutions. Also, save $300 with early bird pricing if you register before July 21st. See you there!