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What's New in SevOne NPM v6.6 - NOW AVAILABLE

By Mandy Reyes posted Mon August 14, 2023 02:05 PM


We're excited to introduce version 6.6 of IBM SevOne Network Performance Management (NPM), providing application-centric network observability and empowering NetOps to identify, address, and prevent performance issues proactively. SevOne NPM delivers a comprehensive view of what's happening in the hybrid cloud network and how that performance affects the applications driving modern businesses. In this release, we’ve expanded our support for next-gen and AWS cloud networks, along with significant ease of use and application-centricity enhancements, including adding Flow to Metric workflows and boosting overall platform flexibility with improved device and reporting management. To upgrade to the latest release, contact your account manager, tech sales, or customer care team. For a comprehensive overview of all the features in this latest version, please refer to the release notes

We invite you to share your thoughts and congratulate the team in the discussion below and to join our upcoming webinar, where we'll demo new functionality! 


Application First Workflows 

SevOne NPM continues to progress in delivering application-centric features, including enhanced application identification and workflow flexibility for faster troubleshooting. Customers can seamlessly drill down from Netflow to Performance Metrics, harnessing valuable data insights with easy-to-use workflows. This approach allows for a comprehensive understanding of network performance from an application perspective, enabling visibility of the application along with the supporting infrastructure so that you can quickly understand the dependency reducing mean time to resolution.


  • Identify applications in your environment leveraging Netflow and drill down from the application to metrics to understand how the network supports application delivery. Analyze and alert on application traffic bandwidth usage, including excessive use in the network, so that users can better allocate network resources.
Top Application Usage by Category

  • Report on popular SaaS applications and drill down to understand infrastructure dependencies using flexible application grouping (i.e., collaboration tools) to easily assess network capacity for budgeting purposes and more.

Network Traffic Analysis Dashboard


 Usability and Management Improvements 

  • Manage devices centrally for multiple SevOne clusters by quickly filtering, searching, sorting, and exporting the entire device inventory and linking out to existing reports.
  • Deploy the user interface in minutes with a simplified Web Browser setup and configuration, installing reporting automatically with easy customization.
  • Leverage expanded options for report variables, enabling users to query and interact with reports more easily.


Hybrid Cloud Network Monitoring - AWS

  • Site to Site VPNs: Gain insights on how these resources are performing in AWS, allowing users to gain holistic insights into their AWS connectivity to on-premises networks and other cloud platforms.
  • New Elastic Block Store (EBS): Support for these metrics give users visibility into how their Block storage performs with metrics like Burst Balance, Read/Write Ops, Volume Queue length, and more.
  • Network Load Balancer: New metrics gives users the ability to get deep insights into the performance of the Load Balancing service with metrics that include Active Flow Count broken down by TCP, TLS, and UDP, Packets Per Second metrics, and more.
  • See the full list of supported AWS metrics for Hybrid Cloud Network Monitoring from 6.5 and 6.6.

Cloud Monitoring - AWS EBS Volumes

Support for Next-Generation Networks

  • Cisco WiFi 6E: Customers can now monitor and observe emerging WiFi networks migrating to 6E, the newest and faster WiFi standard, offering a whole new spectrum of bandwidth with less interference, faster throughput, and improved user experience. 
  •  VMWare SDWAN Support: VMWare SDWAN (formerly Velocloud SDWAN) is now supported with Metric collection via SNMP, out-of-the-box reports, and Device Certification optimization. Users gain deep insights into their VMWare SDWAN Sites, links, and path performance.
  • Fortinet SDWAN Plugin: The new SDWAN plugin adds an integration with FortiManager that automatically brings Fortigate SDWAN devices into SevOne NPM without needing to deploy external collectors. This plugin can also collect various Metadata fields from the FortiManager to provide users with enriched data and the ability to customize their reporting in multiple ways.


VMware SDWAN Site Summary Report

Do More With the Data

  • Summarize Series: On-the-fly aggregation for time series data in Data Insight - you don't have to know what to do with the data when you collect it. When viewing a report, you can summarize data with a quick click and aggregate data directly from the report. 
  • Filter reports by metadata with new Device Metadata Variables enrichment so that users have more variables at their fingertips for data classification - slice and dice data to fit your needs.
  • Pivot from Flow to Metrics using Chaining & Report Linking so that users can quickly go from NetFlow to Performance Metrics.