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ITM Agent Insights: Steps to Updrade TCR Using IM

By Kristen Meren posted Wed December 20, 2017 07:06 AM


by Mehul Darji

This blog will help anyone who wants to upgrade TCR (Tivoli Common Reporting) existing in JazzSM (Jazz for Service Management) 1.x components to 1.1.2 using IBM Installation Manager(IM) where Reporting Services is not listed in IM.

Please use the following steps to upgrade:

  1. First make sure there is no Reporting Services environment show in Installation Manager->Uninstall sectionimage

  2. Incase if Reporting Services / Reporting services environment entry appears please ignore below steps and follow Blog
  3. Close IM if opened

  4. Go to JazzSM 1.1.2 extracted location and launch install
  5. Select only IBM installation manager->Version 1.8.2 and install (Don’t install other JazzSM components now)
  6. Restart Installation Manager (IM)
  7. Add below repositories in IM->File->Preferences --->> 
  8. Click on Install as per above image.image

  9. Select only reporting services and click on next button
  10. Accept license and click on next buttonimage

  11. Select as per above image and click on next button.image

  12. Click on Next button.image

  13. As per above image, enter JazzSM profile password, click on validate -->  Click on Next buttonimage

  14. Enter password and click on next button.image

  15. Provide TCR-Cognos extracted location, click validate -->  Click on next buttonimage

  16. By default IM (Installation Manager) takes backup of existing reporting folder in above located path.  Accept default location -->   Click on next button.image

  17. Click on install to complete upgrade existing TCR 3.1/ version.

We hope you find this document useful. If you have any other questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us by opening the PMR. When you open the PMR for upgrade issues then please attached musgather/pdcollect document along screen shot with PMR. Collecting and exchanging data: Jazz for Service Management installation/upgrade problems information can be found here: