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Who's got Cloud - A Former Network Engineer's Rant

By Deva Dash posted Mon February 27, 2023 10:00 AM


As a Network Engineer in different Telecommunication organizations, I worked for in the past, one of the things that used to drive me crazy was the number of inefficiencies involved when troubleshooting an application issue. The culprit for a slowdown would most likely boil down to one component or team. However, we would have resources spanning Network Engineers, Cloud Operations Engineers and other Application developers looking into troubleshooting why a slow down or drop occurred in a particular application. In this case, does it make sense to involve all your valuable engineering resources to troubleshoot and answer the question, is it the app or the network?

I dreamt of an easier way to notify specific teams that a component they're responsible for is causing a slowdown of the application and wanted to do something to change how different organizations function. With a myriad of various tools, all owned by specific teams, I found it quite challenging to troubleshoot an application slowdown that has a troubleshooting workflow of Network Engineers looking into Network monitoring tools, Cloud Operations Engineers looking at Cloud Monitoring tools, and Application teams drilling into Application logs and APM solutions.

IBM SevOne NPM is building towards extending our already robust suite of network monitoring prowess to the Cloud—one tool to re-imagine your troubleshooting workflow. Imagine a world where an alert is created and fed to your incident management tool standardized across your on-prem and Cloud workloads. Imagine how different teams, be it Cloud or Network, can access a single solution to look across on-prem network performance and Cloud Network Performance. Lastly, envision how many Engineering hours you can put back in your pocket when the right teams are engaged when an issue is caused by a component their teams owns.

How would you leverage this new Cloud monitoring capability in IBM Sevone NPM? Tell us below about your use cases, challenges, and what metrics are essential for your workflows. Let's create together!