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Meet the incredible folks who develop AI Courses - Meredith Mante

  • 1.  Meet the incredible folks who develop AI Courses - Meredith Mante

    Posted Tue December 03, 2019 12:02 PM

    In the third interview of the series, and to kick-off December, I would like to introduce Meredith Mante.

    Meredith has a B.A. in Psychology and a master's in computer science, with a focus on Data Science and AI. She has taught in a variety of settings including with Girls Who Code and  she has university experience as a teaching assistant and lecturer in computer science She has an uncanny ability to understand people and help them connect them with technology which makes her the right candidate to work with people who don't think that technology is for them. She works to help them realize Computer Science, Data Science and AI are important fields to learn and understand, that it is something they CAN do. 

    Tell us a little about your job at IBM? I am a Curriculum developer for Data Science and AI. I am currently working on two projects: an AI masterclass initiative with Miguel Maldonado, who was introduced in this series last week. We put out a call for IBM employees to share their data science expertise and the response has been amazing: people with incredible backgrounds from all over the world have responded, it is quite exciting. The other project is an educational course on AutoAI. Automation is coming to the workflow and I want to teach clients how to get the most out of IBM's technology. IBM research has developed some incredible tools that I would like to share with data scientists so they can do their work faster and more effectively.

    What makes you get up in the morning? 

    Having the opportunity to learn new things, to acquire new skills whether they are technology skills or new cooking tips or visiting museums in New York. I am motivated by a variety of topics and I like to share the new things I learn.

    What do you bring to the community? 

    I would like to help de-mystify data science and AI. I take complex technical concepts and break them down to make them simple. I use stories to help bring the concepts across.  I transitioned from social sciences into technology and I can help people who are thinking about making transitions into Data Science and AI

    How can the community help you? 

    I want to know what people want to learn, what are they curious about or where they are facing challenges. I am also open to share how curriculum is developed.

    Fun fact? 

    I was a Division 1 Pole Vaulter through college. I love the feeling of soaring through the air and overcoming the bar….

    Kinga Parrott
    Chief Tech Ed Evangelist