watsonx Assistant: Build dynamic & reliable customer experiences with AI Webinar

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watsonx Assistant: Build dynamic & reliable customer experiences with AI Webinar 

Wed December 06, 2023 03:08 PM

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Today’s consumers expect an unprecedented level of customer service, more than any previous generation. When they don’t receive the service or experience they feel they deserve, they are vocal about it. Fortunately, companies today are modernizing customer care by taking advantage of the new innovations in the marketplace, such as conversational and Generative AI. However, trust and reliability are vital in AI models to ensure a positive customer experience, starting from the first interaction and throughout the buyer’s journey. Join us for a discussion with IBM experts to learn how you can operationalize Conversational AI with confidence to have an impact on customer care.

  • Empower customers to resolve inquiries across channels to reduce costs and improve efficiency.
  • Improve customer engagement & satisfaction to grow revenue and loyalty.
  • Accelerate the shift to digital business & use of insights from data.
  • Build innovative customer experience solutions quickly and easily.

Key speakers

Nic Corona - Product Manager, IBM watsonx Assistant


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