Webinar: Embracing Generative AI for Elevated Customer Service

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When:  Oct 25, 2023 from 09:00 AM to 10:00 AM (ET)


Customer service has topped the list of functions CEOs consider a #1 priority for generative AI investment¹, so the race is on to accelerate adoption of these technologies.

Join IBM to learn how companies are embracing generative AI to uplevel their customer service:  

  • Using conversational search and personalized recommendations to help customers can find what they’re looking for quickly, with human-like responses generated from finely tuned language models;  
  • Understanding complex customer queries and accelerating the virtual agent build experience using watsonx Assistant, IBM’s conversational AI platform now powered by cutting edge generative AI features; and
  • Navigating the potential risks and concerns with enterprise-scale generative AI adoption, putting in place proper governance and guidelines.  

¹ IBV CEO Guide to Generative AI for Customer Service, August 2023
² IBV CEO Guide to Generative AI for Employee and Customer Experience, August 2023

Key Speakers

Arnesh Batlaw - Product Manager, IBM watsonx Assistant Software


Shobhit Varshney - VP & Sr. Partner, Americas AI Analytics Leader IBM Consulting