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Complex Samples Chi-Square Linear-by-Linear Assoication (Trend)

  • 1.  Complex Samples Chi-Square Linear-by-Linear Assoication (Trend)

    Posted Tue March 26, 2024 05:43 PM

    I am trying to run a fairly simple Chi-Square test for trends or Linear-by-Linear Association using SPSS Complex Samples 29, as I am using a weighted dataset.   In the basic or unweighted analysis it is fairly simple and is a default output under Analyze-Descriptives-Crosstabs.  However, when I run Analyze-Complex Samples-Crosstabs, it does not provide the Linear-by-Linear Association statistics, only Pearson and Likelihood Ratio.  Also, I do not see an option to select.  So how do you run a trend analysis in Complex samples that gives you the percentage rate (for a drug or disease) by Year, as well as the Linear-by-Linear Association statistic?  I know Complex Samples eliminates a lot of rather common tests, for example you can't run a t-test, you have to run a GLM regression to get it.  Thank You in advance. Jim

    James Beal